The following is an excerpt from the constitution and by-laws, which was drafted over thirty years ago ...

The purpose of the PSAT&MA shall be to promote the collection, restoration, preservation, and exhibition of gas and steam tractors, gas and steam stationary engines, farm machinery of early local industries.

Tools and machines have enhanced mans ability to produce the necessities of life.  They have given man the opportunity to devote part of his short existence on Earth to the pursuit of spiritual and intellectual activities that set him apart from Earth's lesser inhabitants.

As the Executive Board and Trustees of the PSAT&MA, we are proud to call ourselves members of such a great organization.

Club Officers:
    President: Howard Nunnikhovan
    Vice President: Dan Roosma
    Secretary: Jim Vander Pol
    Treasurer: Les Gitts

John Marlowe        Fred Polinder
Lee Hetterly           Diane Bouwman
Morrie Robinson    Fred Dorffeld
Matt Montague      Ken Roosma
Greg Greenfield